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Competitive Price Per Unit from £1.95+VAT Per Unit

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Regardless of their age, all fire extinguishers must be maintained to standards laid out by BS 5306 part 3:2003, stipulating that annual inspection by trained persons alongside more extensive servicing on a periodical basis be performed. Not only is this a legal requirement, it is also paramount to maintaining maximum fire safety in the property.

Servicing of Fire Extinguishers

Keep your home and business safe with regular fire extinguisher maintenance. Learn the importance of regularly checking and servicing your fire extinguishers for optimal protection.

Fire extinguishers are an important part of any business's fire safety plan. Servicing of fire extinguishers should be done regularly to ensure they are in good working order and ready to be used in the event of a fire.

Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers

Proper maintenance of fire extinguishers is important for ensuring the safety of occupants and their property in the event of a fire. However, it is important to properly maintain these devices in order to ensure their efficiency when needed.

Fire extinguisher maintenance should be completed at least once every year by a certified technician. We have reliable and professional technicians that will complete a thorough examination and check all components to ensure they meet code regulations.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Trowbridge, Swansea & Bristol - UK Wide Service

Global Compliance is available for regularly scheduled and one-off fire extinguisher servicing and maintenance work.

  • Nationwide Coverage

  • Fully Qualified Engineers

  • Full Electronic Asset Register

  • Annual Service Agreements

What's Included?

  • Annual Maintenance Inspections

  • Full Repair Service

  • Asset Register & Certification

  • Competitive Price Per Unit from £1.95+VAT Per Unit


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