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Thermal Imaging Inspections


Thermography electrical inspection is a popular thermographic testing method often used for detecting poor connections, deteriorated or faulty insulation, unbalanced loads, and a variety of other issues in electrical components. These issues could lead to excessive use of energy, equipment failure, extra maintenance costs, unscheduled interruptions, and several other problems.


Thermal imaging camera that is being used in thermographic inspections has many benefits over traditional methods such as visual inspections or ultrasonic testing. It can detect even small changes in temperature which can indicate potential issues that would otherwise go unnoticed.  


What is a Thermal Image? 


Also referred to as infrared inspection thermographic electrical images are based on sensing heat emissions from an object’s surface. People use various test instruments for identifying and converting infrared radiation to thermal images or temperature values, which can come in handy for assessing the object’s thermal condition. 


By using Thermal Imaging, we can accurately identify existing faults with your electrical installations before a serious fault develops. It also helps us to predict any potential issues that may go undetected during routine thermographic inspections. It is now very common for commercial insurance companies to ask for thermal survey of all Electrical Equipment, Distribution Boards & Three Phase equipment be renewal or a new insurance policy is accepted. 

Electrical Thermography to detect Electrical Issues


Our certified team conducts Electrical Thermography Surveys with thermal imaging cameras that detect infrared radiation as well as temperature variations to find electrical problems prior to them becoming critical. We're skilled in conducting thermal imaging tests while electrical systems are operating under normal stress, and ensuring that there is no interruption to your operation.


This process will help:

  • Enhance the longevity of equipment

  • Reduce operating and maintenance costs

  • Prevent breakdown/downtime of equipment

  • Reduce the risk of fire

  • Meet your company's insurance policy requirements

  • Complement recurring fixed wire testing


If you want to know more about electrical thermal imaging survey cost, you may fill in our Instant Quote Generator or call us on

0330 100 5341.

Thermographic Inspections Trowbridge, Swansea & Bristol - UK Wide Service 

We are and offer:-

  • Fully Qualified Engineers to ITC Level

  • Full Inspection Report document issued upon completion

  • Competitive Pricing on a Per Asset Basis

With thermographic home inspection process we can evaluate a potential home purchase or get a full picture of the health of your current residence. It also helps assess insulation levels in each area and provide an overall rating for overall energy efficiency.

We offer thermographic inspections in Trowbridge, Bristol, Swansea Wales and UK wide.

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