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PAT Testing For Schools

Global Compliance provides specialised PAT Testing services for schools in Bristol and South Wales, adhering to Health and Safety regulations. These crucial measures ensure that all electrical appliances are safe and suitably maintained to prevent any harm to staff and students. Many equipment manufacturers recommend regular testing to guarantee consistent safety. The interval between these tests is contingent on the type of appliance and its operating environment within the school.

The European Low Voltage Directive regulates the manufacturing and importation of electrical appliances. To comply with this, the display of the CE mark on the product is necessary, showing declared conformity. Global Compliance is central to these checks, delivering the highest standards of Portable Appliance Testing in Bristol and South Wales. The responsibility for ensuring this lies with the manufacturer or importer and is overseen by Trading Standards.

Global Compliance utilises its own testing equipment, specifically designed for PAT inspections in schools. This equipment is based on the same testing apparatus used by manufacturers to confirm compliance with the British Standard Code of Practice and European product standards relevant to each type of appliance.

Portable Appliance Testing For Schools

Global Compliance while delivering PAT Testing in Bristol exists solely to help businesses adhere to guidance from the Institution of Engineering and Technology and the Health and Safety Executive which recommends that a qualified person must inspect the installation regularly in any public building or a place that people work. The suggested initial intervals for combined inspection and testing that range from three months (for construction equipment) to one year, and in many cases, longer periods for re-testing (certain types of appliances in schools, hotels, offices and shops).

Global Compliance will carry out a full range of checks while carrying out Portable Appliance Testing in Bristol including:

  • Earth resistance tests

  • Earth continuity tests

  • Insulation resistance tests

  • Leakage tests

  • Polarity checks

  • Plugs tests

  • Cord extension sockets tests

  • RCDs / ELCBs / Safety Switches

Why Choose Global Compliance For PAT Testing


Global Compliance is fully qualified, Gas safe registered, NIC EIC approved and is an accredited contractor of CHAS. If you require experts in PAT Testing Bristol and the surrounding areas then nobody is more qualified or as experienced as Global Compliance.

Global Compliance is a recommended company that you can trust. We have extensive experience in all types of electrical testing around the UK. All of our equipment is of the latest technology and we keep up to date with all of the latest updates to regulations.


Our PAT Testers in Bristol are relied upon daily to keep businesses safe in line with HSE regulations and we believe that we are the most professional and reliable company that delivers electrical testing across the UK.


Bristol PAT Testing requirements for students living in Halls of Residence


Many Universities including Bristol will state in term contracts that students living in student halls must have all personal electrical items PAT Tested. This can sometimes be a requirement of their building insurance policy and at other times be a part of their own electrical safety policy.

What this means is that any electrical item that students take with them to their student halls must be PAT Tested. This includes T.V's, X-Boxes, laptops or pc's and even fans or heaters. Global Compliance is passionate about the safety of all electrical appliances which is why we are the Premier company to choose for Bristol PAT Testing.

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