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The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 require that lightning protection systems are tested regularly in accordance with BS6651 or BS EN 62305, whichever is applicable to your system. This standard states system should be tested at maximum intervals of 12 months.

We recommend your system is tested at intervals of 11 inspection and testing months, meaning across a 12-year period your system will have been tested throughout every season of the year.

Applying this tried and tested method will allow the effect of seasonal variations in resistance or other characteristics of the system to be taken into account.

Your system will last for many years if properly installed and maintained, maximising the return on your investment.

Lightning Protection System Periodic Inspection Trowbridge & Swansea - UK Wide Service


Here at Global Compliance UK we have fully qualified Engineers with access to the latest test and measurement equipment. Our inspections include: 

  • Inspection of all conductors, joints and parts of the system

  • Continuity testing across conductors and the total system

  • Earth resistance testing on individual electrodes and the complete system

  • Soil resistivity testing and analysis for new earthing systems

  • Detailed reports on the condition of the system under test or inspection, with photos and recommendations plus costings on the works required

  • Updates to existing drawings or records or creation of these documents for future reference

Maintenance works and upgrades may be required if the testing and inspection reveals any deterioration in the level of protection, or there has been changes or additions to the structure which render the existing systems inadequate.

LPS Inspections Swansea, Trowbridge & UK Wide

We offer comprehensive LPS inspections Swansea services that are designed to ensure your property is safe and compliant with all relevant regulations. With years of experience behind us, we've built a reputation for delivering high-quality services that exceed expectations. Our team uses the latest technology to carry out thorough LPS inspections on properties of all sizes.

We understand how important it is to keep your property safe, which is why we leave no stone unturned in our inspections. From identifying potential hazards to ensuring electrical systems meet safety standards, we take care of every aspect of the inspection process.


So if you want peace of mind knowing your property is safe and compliant, enquire now about our LPS inspection services.

What's Included?

  • Fully Qualified Engineers

  • Comprehensive Inspection Reports

  • All corrective remedial action identified

  • Competitive prices nationwide inspections from £45.00+VAT

Lightning Protection System is an integral part of any structure that provides protection from the dangers of lightning. Lightning strikes can cause severe and costly damages to buildings, homes, and other structures. 

At Global Compliance UK, we provide annual lightning protection system periodic inspection in Trowbridge, Swansea & Bristol conducted by our qualified team.

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Lightning Protection System Periodic Inspection (LPS)

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