Calibration Services

Global Compliance UK offers professional electrical test instrument calibration services to traceable standards throughout the Wiltshire area. From our premesis in Semington, Trowbridge, we are able to offer calibration to a wide range of Electrical & Pressure Measuring Equipment.

Our calibration services include testing instruments for compliance against specification at appropriate test points and also making minor adjustments if required.

Why Would I Need a Calibration?

Calibration is the process of comparing your measuring instruments and other related tools with a standard of known accuracy & against manufacturer’s specification. The purpose of the calibration process is to ensure that the readings given by your measuring equipment are accurate to those of the standard to ensure that your instruments are not giving incorrect values.

After the calibration and testing process, your test instruments will be awarded a traceable certificate that shows the accuracy and reliability of your measuring instruments.

We also offer an on-site calibration services for customers whom have multiple items


Instruments we can calibrate


  • PAT Testers – from £45.00

  • Insulation Testers – from £35.00

  • Continuity Testers – from £35.00

  • RCD Testers – from £35.00

  • Multi-Function Testers (MFT) – from £50.00

  • Clamp Current Meters – from £40.00 

  • Earth Electrode Resistance Testers – from £40.00

  • Earth Resistance Clamp Meters – from £40.00

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